Welcome to Genesis Corp Pte. Ltd.

We were established in 2016 and we are currently based in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The idea of globalization is when the world’s trade industry becomes increasingly connected as a result of massive trade of goods and culture.  We basically provide the platform for growing SME’s (small & medium enterprises) to launch them towards the world globalization market. Our main specialty includes our team of Sales and Marketing engineers, Companies Packaging and Rebranding tools as well as assistance in Finance Management and Funding of growing SME’s. 

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Why People Choose Us

Genesis Corp is basically a company set up by 3 charismatic individual who has been in the business industry for over 20 years internationally with an immense experience in the area of business management and development. People choose us as we understand the conditions that an SME usually faces in the process of reaching out. With the belief that everyone deserves a second chance, Genesis Corp is flexible in accepting clients regardless of the current condition of the business is in. At Genesis Corp also, with our heartfelt customer service that we offer all, we reach out to selected high potential companies who are growing and we assist in every possible manner that benefits both the company and investors. People choose us as we have worked in several multi-million dollar projects that have proven to be successful. We are setting the benchmark of Malaysian SME’s higher in which in tangent would increase Malaysia’s Gross Development Product. Situated in the heart of Klang Valley, the registered office of Genesis Corp, Kencana Square, Glenmarie is easily accessible to all making it easy for clients to commute to us.